OnGuard Pros safeguard against the most inconvenient mishaps - water supply line flooding your home while you're on vacation.
It seems like the most inconvenient things happen when returning from a relaxing vacation. You’re looking forward to getting home from a great vacation and enjoying the rest of the day only to step through the front door to a flood.
Whether for a few days or a few weeks, an otherwise preventable water damage event rapidly leads to the unplanned inconvenience of displacement, damaged personal property, unbudgeted deductible expense and contractors tearing apart and rebuilding your home for weeks.

Your local OnGuard Pro not only takes the time to make sure all water supply connections are solid every year during the Conducive Conditions Inspection, but just after you leave for vacation and just before returning from vacation, they make sure your water supply is turn off, purged and then turned back on so that you can truly return to the comfort of home.

Learn more about the VACATIONGUARD service by contacting your local OnGuard Authorized Dealer with the form below. Simply tell them when you’re leaving and when you’re coming home so that you can depart with extra confidence and peace-of-mind.


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