When small problems are caught early, they can be corrected at low cost and high convenience. The 199-Point Inspection qualifies property owners for OnGuard Membership, and it allows OnGuard Certified Firms to see issues as they first arise. We always say “Top to bottom, inside and out, we inspect all areas for moisture issues in order to protect and preserve the value of your property.” But the question is, what do we mean by “protecting and preserving the value of your property?”

Lowering the cost of ownership

Moisture damage is one of the most common and expensive costs as a property owner. The reason is that moisture wicks (spreads) from wet to dry, affecting large areas quickly. Water damages wood surfaces by swelling the fibers which is why in many cases, wood floors buckle beyond repair. When water damage impacts walls from flooding due to things like broken water lines (associated with bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens), moisture commonly wicks from the base plate of the wall cavity, and up the wall studs and dry wall (sheet rock). When this happens, the most common practice is to “flood cut” the drywall where the first 2 to 4 feet of sheetrock is removed so that drying can proceed. None of this is inexpensive, and while most of it is covered by property insurance, the cost of displacement, the potential for increases in insurance premium, and overall aggravation makes it worth avoiding.

For these reasons, the OnGuard 199-Point Inspection focuses on inspecting supply lines and drain lines so that if there appears to be wear or the potential for leaks, inexpensive maintenance can occur immediately and real damage can be avoided.

Lowering the cost of selling

If you’ve bought a property before, you probably understand the desire to find issues within the structure that you want to purchase. Chances are, with the help of your real estate agent, you’ve even listed out the “problems” in order to spotlight them in an attempt to reduce the asking price. However, when you’re the seller, the last thing that you want is to be on the receiving end of that strategy.

The OnGuard 199-Point Inspection occurs annually in order to build a record of good maintenance practices that any buyer or buyer’s agent can see. We call that record the OnGuard Property History Report, and it can be vital to establishing or defending the value of a home. There’s nothing better than documented proof of maintenance when selling a property and with the $100,000 OnGuard Protection Guarantee standing behind it, you’re in the clear.

Lowering the risk of selling

Disclosure liability. Every realtor and real estate company knows about it and talks about it. Most of them have been around long enough to see major lawsuits settle over it. So what is disclosure liability? Disclosure liability is a risk when property damage occurs but is knowingly or unknowingly hidden from the buyer. Big or small, no one wants the risk of liability to follow them once they’ve sold a property.

OnGuard was developed with protection against disclosure liability in mind. It begins with the annual 199-Inspection so that affordable maintenance supplants damage and expensive repairs. Of course it continues with the Property History Report as a record of the inspection, maintenance and improvements. However, OnGuard goes one step further. Every OnGuard Member receives a $100,000 insurance-backed guarantee called the OnGuard Protection Guarantee which is in force so long as the Membership is maintained. And when the OnGuard Member sells the property, Membership is transferred to the new buyer along with the entire Property History Report and Protection Guarantee. This protects the seller and it also protects the buyer. No matter the party in the transaction, OnGuard is good for everyone.


The OnGuard 199-Point Inspection was developed to help keep the cost of property ownership low while maximizing its value. From inspection to property history reporting to insurance-backed guarantee, OnGuard is the perfect tool for sellers, buyers and their agents. Whether you’re a property owner preparing to sell your home, or you’re looking to buy, insisting on an OnGuard 199-Point Inspection as early in the process as possible is peace-of-mind for everyone.