We’re putting together an affiliate program to spotlight excellent Realtors and Brokers around the country who would like to have a hand in reducing non-disclosure liability for Sellers while increasing Buyer confidence and satisfaction.

Whether a property has a moisture issue or it’s near perfect, the OnGuard Guarantee is a tool to add value and peace-of-mind for Sellers and Buyers alike.

We understand that services need to be completed quickly and coordinated with other contractors in order to meet deadlines. That’s exactly the benefit of hiring an experienced OnGuard Pro. As long as everything from budget to timeline is on the table, we’ll work with you to accomplish the goal.

There can be a temptation to sacrifice “Right” for “Fast”. But as professionals, we all understand the consequences of doing it wrong. Matching inspection findings to documented, proven solutions keeps is good for everyone. Fortunately, “Right” is also what allows us to offer both your Seller and Buyer the transferable $100,000 insurance-backed warranty called the OnGuard Guarantee.

The Initial Conducive Conditions Inspection informs the Work Protocol and once everything is completed, the OnGuard Guarantee can be issued to your Seller and transferred to the Buyer at closing. It helps eliminate moisture-related disclosure liability for the Seller and Sellers Agent and provides peace-of-mind to close with confidence for the Buyer!

All of the documentation of the property gets uploaded in the OnGuard Property History Report. Best of all, the PHR contains a complete history record of inspections, improvements, warranty info and receipts, giving confidence to future buyers and making future sales faster and more profitable for everyone!

If you’re a Realtor whose clients could benefit from the protection of the OnGuard Guarantee system, we’d like to talk to you.

To learn more about the OnGuard affiliate opportunity, please contact us via the form below and an OnGuard representative will be in touch.

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