The more that you know about your property from year-to-year, the greater your bottom line now and into the future.

Homes are intended to be occupied.


Rental properties are notoriously neglected. Assessed annually, disrepair and high maintenance costs can be avoided.
Investing in a property often means purchasing a problem from the previous owner. Properties that are vacant or in disrepair are more likely to have existing moisture and mold issues.

Many homes were vacant or in disrepair prior to purchase.




Most homes require improvements before leasing.



Having the right tools, personnel and knowledge to thoroughly vet a property from the outside, in is an important part of understanding the investment that it’s going to take to lease a property while mitigating against unforeseen liabilities. A Conducive Conditions Inspection documents and graphs each area of a property so that an initial and ongoing record is available for making good financial decisions.
  • Detailed report of current property condition
  • Specific improvement and/or maintenance recommendations
  • A yearly Conducive Conditions Inspection report with graph accounting for changes
  • A OnGuard Guarantee with a per property limit of $100,000 that is transferable and unlimited in renewal term.
  • A OnGuard Property History Report for information storage and retrieval