Step 1: Get Certified

We host our certification classes in beautiful Boone, North Carolina. At these events you will learn:

  • How to easily add OnGuard as a complimentary profit center in your company
  • How to use our software for scheduling, billing, inspecting and communications
  • How to perform the OnGuard 199-Point Inspection in both residential and commercial buildings
  • How to use OnGuard as a closing tool, upsell tool and/or differentiator from competition

After the two day session, you will be well equipped to take OnGuard to your customers; and just as important, you will be on the road to residual income for your business.

Step 2: Standardize Your Process

Make the OnGuard a quality control standard and competitive differentiator for your business. We’ll teach you how to:

  • Train your staff on inbounds calls, scheduling, information gathering, and taking payments
  • Educate your customers on all of the benefits of the OnGuard System as well as answering objections
  • Educate your Members how to best use their OnGuard Property History Reporting system and utilize Member support
  • Build your referral network and gain consistent qualified leads
  • Integrate OnGuard into all of your sales, and understand when and why to use the OnGuard 199-Point Inspection, Protection Guarantee, and Property History Report assets to convert sales.

Step 3: Build & Secure New Revenue

Begin enjoying the extra revenue associated with inspections and new service work as you’re building a predictable annuity. We’ll show you:

  • How to build profitable inspections into every month of the year with your existing employees in a beneficial way and without causing distractions
  • How to use the inspection to keep your Member’s cost of ownership low while bringing additional contract revenue into your company
  • How to capitalize on your “Contractor or Record” status on each property, keep your Members “in network”, and service the 5.5% of your membership base on inevitable losses

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