The Insurer’s Affiliate Program endeavors to compliment homeowner’s policies while spotlighting great insurers around the country who would like to have a hand in keeping property’s trouble free.

Five Reasons Why Independent Insurance Agencies Should Sell the OnGuard Guarantee

It separates Insurance Agencies from the competition.

Unique products aren’t common in the insurance industry. They typically use price (you can save) and convenience (check out our app) to differentiate themselves in their marketing. Sold by Authorized Insurance Agencies, the OnGuard Guarantee program represents a real benefit to the consumer. Inherent to the program is the annual Conducive Conditions Inspection which keeps eyes on the property to make sure little issues never become big problems, and which minimizes maintenance costs to the consumer while keeping property values high.

It’s a profit center.

Authorized Insurance Agencies selling the OnGuard Guarantee program earn an annual residual commission. Not only does it increase the commissions for agents and profits for the agency but because it’s only available to Authorized Insurance Agencies, it assists in customer retention.

It lessens claims and their severity.

Understanding a structure and inspecting a it from the outside in each year is a sensible way to reduce insurance claims and claim size and to shift many would be issues to maintenance that’s paid for by the property owner and serviced by a local OnGuard Authorized Dealer.

It provides real financial protection.

In the event that the OnGuard Authorized Dealer misses something or there’s a failure within a system (an installed moisture control system for example) that leads to visible mold growth, the customer is protected with up to $100,000 of damage repair coverage. Claims are reported at 1-800-SPILLS and an adjuster is dispatched to the property within four hours in the Continental United States.

It increases profitability on existing business

By reducing claims and claim size, insurance agencies are able to earn higher commissions on existing business.

If you’re an Insurer whose clients could benefit from the protection of the OnGuard Guarantee system, we’d like to talk to you.

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