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  • Protect Your Investment
  • Raise Your Home’s Value
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Protect Your Home Now

The OnGuard® Property History Report is the perfect complement to your homeowner’s insurance. Protect your investment by having a record of every inspection, issue, and repair at the tip of your fingers.

Protect Your Investment

You’ve put a lot of time and money into your home. The OnGuard® Property History Report preserves the value of your assets by giving you an exhaustive reference for yourself or future buyers. Your PHR can prove every cent that you’ve poured into your home’s maintenance over the years.

Having those records easily accessible means that you can catch each new contractor up to speed quickly. The more they know about what’s been done to your home, the better they can service it.

Protect Your Family's Investment with the OnGuard Guarantee
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Raise Your Home’s Value

Disclosure is one of the most important parts of selling real estate. Deep down, every buyer suspects the seller wants to hide damaging information about the home. With an OnGuard® Property History Report, the buyer can see that the maintenance and repairs on the home were done properly and that the home has continually passed the OnGuard® 199-Point Inspection.

When a buyer’s confidence goes up, the price for the home goes up. You take potential future problems or the risk of past problems flaring up again completely out of the negotiations, giving you more leverage. Plus, the OnGuard® Protection Guarantee is transferable, so your new buyer gets an extra asset in the sale: peace of mind.

Easily Find Your Home’s Information

Ever want to do touch-up work on your kitchen’s paint job? Then you know it could be impossible if you don’t happen to have the exact paint cans used in the first place stored somewhere. What size were the fittings the plumber used when they repaired your leaky pipe 3 winters ago? If you don’t know, you can wind up out of luck and paying for a professional when you need to do a simple maintenance job like replacing one that has corroded.

A homeowner should know everything about their home and its systems, so they can make informed decisions about its maintenance and tackle the smaller jobs themselves. With the OnGuard® Property History Report, all this information is at your fingertips, easily accessible, and thorough. You could need these documents 10, 20, 30 years down the road, so don’t leave it up to keeping documents that long. Protect your records with a PHR.