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Southern Environmental Coverage shields your property from moisture damage through early detection.

Tampa’s Most Trusted Certified Moisture Control Professionals

Adam Key owns the exclusive OnGuard® Authorized Dealer for Hillsborough County. The Key family has protected homeowners in the Tampa area for over a decade as owners of a local mold remediation company.

The Key family has lived in the Tampa area for generations. Adam Key grew up here, raised children here, and started businesses here. As an expert at protecting Tampa homeowners from moisture and mold, Key knows the value of products like the OnGuard® Property History Report, which documents that the home is up to OnGuard’s standards.

Key aims to bring his clients long-term value, and the protections of the OnGuard® System advance that goal. With the OnGuard® 199-Point Inspection, Southern Environmental Coverage can find potential moisture intrusion points and catch moisture control weak spots before they become water damage. If problems are found during an inspection, an OnGuard® Affiliated Contractor can fix them, and Southern Environmental Coverage will qualify their work for the $100,000 OnGuard® Protection Guarantee.

A Crucial Need in Hillsborough County

High humidity and unrelenting heat threaten Tampa Bay area homes with serious moisture challenges. 60 percent of homes in the U.S. as a whole have existing moisture issues, according to a survey of home inspectors, and the Tampa Bay area faces worse conditions than the rest of the U.S., from standard heat and humidity to the threat of hurricanes.

The Florida heat and humidity lead to moisture intrusion into homes, which can cause rot, decay, and mold growth. That’s under normal circumstances; in years when the rain hits hard, the chances of water encroaching into your home rises. Southern Environmental Coverage can conduct the OnGuard­® 199-Point Inspection and find issues before the Tampa weather turns them into expensive problems. Adam Key is trained by the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors as a Certified Moisture Control Professional, in addition to his MRSR, CBC and MRSA licenses.

Homes in Tampa Bay also rest on sand. Tampa houses settle a lot more than homes in areas with clay deposits to build on. When a home settles, the materials that expand with heat can get cracks and crevices. When that happens, you need an expert you can trust to correct the problem. Southern Environmental Coverage connects with the best experts in the Tampa area, trains them in the OnGuard® System, and authorizes them as OnGuard® Affiliated Contractors to get homes with settling issues up to OnGuard® Protection Guarantee standards.

Protecting Greater Tampa Bay Homes

The air conditioning system is the most important system in your home. It doesn’t just make your home bearable on a hot summer day; it also pulls moisture out of the air. If the A/C system malfunctions, your home becomes vulnerable to condensation and all the problems that come with it: rot, decay and mold growth in places that you might not even see. With an annual inspection from an OnGuard® Authorized Dealer like Southern Environmental Coverage, you can rest assured that you’re taking steps to ensure your mechanical systems do their job and keep your home dry.

Stucco homes are popular in the Tampa Bay area, and these can bring moisture problems if the stucco wasn’t installed or painted correctly. Stucco is a porous material that will allow water through if left untreated. Like a car, stucco homes require maintenance. Regular inspections mean an up-to-date OnGuard® Property History Report that shows the next potential buyer the property has had proper maintenance.

Experienced Moisture Control Professionals

Adam Key and the whole Key family have made treating homeowners right the cornerstone of their businesses. Southern Environmental Coverage will never try to upcharge a client and will always make things right if something goes wrong. The Keys have been in Tampa for generations, so they know how important it is to provide excellent service to their customers.

The team at Southern Environmental Coverage prides itself on educating homeowners. Regulations and codes change frequently, and Tampa Bay homeowners need someone on their side to explain how laws and insurance rules affect them. When homeowners learn about these issues, they don’t need to be sold on the OnGuard® Protection Guarantee. They ask for it.

If you want to learn more, contact Southern Environmental Coverage today.

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