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Reliable Home Inspections shields your property from moisture damage through early detection.

Baton Rouge’s Most Trusted Certified Moisture Control Professional

Reliable Home Inspections LLC is the exclusive provider of the OnGuard® $100,000 Protection Guarantee. Owner Steve Harper has been in the construction business his entire life and a drywall contractor for over 13 years.

The Reliable Home Inspections team holds certifications as mold remediation contractors, mold inspectors, commercial contracts, water-restoration specialists, and large-loss contractors. With this much experience and this many certifications, you know you’re in good hands with the Reliable Home Inspections team.

The team offers the most comprehensive moisture inspection in the business because they know that water intrusion costs homeowners far more if it’s not addressed. Early detection prevents home disasters, and Reliable Home Inspections offers the best check on the market: the OnGuard® 199-Point Inspection. Once a homeowner passes, they become an OnGuard® Member and receive the peace of mind that comes with true moisture and mold protection, as well as the OnGuard® Property History Report.

A Critical Need in East Baton Rouge Parish

East Baton Rouge Parish gets soaked throughout the year. Intense rainstorms put homes in the area at risk of flooding and raises the humidity of the area. 6-in-10 homes have existing moisture issues, according to a recent survey by home inspectors. The threat of rainfall and hurricanes only increases as the population grows and as LSU draws more and more people to the capitol each year.

When disaster strikes like it did in 2016, you need to connect with experts who can not only get things back to normal, but who also give you continuous protection. That’s where the OnGuard® Affiliated Contractor network comes in. The network gives you access to contractors who work to the highest standards.

East Baton Rouge is known for its huge temperature swings. In South Louisiana, it may be 100 degrees one day and 40 degrees the next. These constant changes create high humidity, and no matter how well a structure is built or how new it is, that high humidity is a constant force seeping into your home and giving mold a place to grow.

By joining OnGuard®, residents of East Baton Rouge Parish receive the 199-Point Inspection, which can identify weak points in moisture defenses and recommend repairs before the minor problems turn costly.

Protecting Baton Rouge Homes

Baton Rouge suffers from very poor drainage which puts homes at major risk of water intrusion. With drainage issues abound, homeowners should have an OnGuard® Property History Report on hand to show future buyers every bit of maintenance and repair. The PHR maintains property value in an area where buyers are by nature suspicious of hidden water damage.

Another common problem for Baton Rouge homeowners: poorly ventilated attics. South Louisiana is a hot, humid climate. That hot air becomes trapped in attics that have poor ventilation. That hot air then mixes with the cool air from conditioned spaces and creates condensation all over the home. These are hidden water problems that you won’t find out about until it’s too late. But these are problems the OnGuard® 199-Point Inspection will catch.

Experienced Moisture Control Professionals

Steve Harper and the Reliable Home Inspections team have seen many, many mold problems in their decades in the home services business. They know the tremendous toll mold will take on a homeowner’s pocketbook and psyche. They also know that most have no idea the scope of the problem or the amount of money it will take to fix it. Reliable Home Inspections want to inform and protect Baton Rouge residents before mold issues happen.

If you’re interested in protecting your home and your family, call Reliable Home Inspections today!

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