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Mold Protection Experts LLC shields your property from moisture damage through early detection.

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Mold Protection Experts LLC is owned and operated by Roy Ponder, a fixture in Lee and Tallapoosa counties for over 20 years. Ponder also runs an Opelika mold remediation and odor removal firm.

Ponder raised his family in Opelika and is now the proud father of three Auburn grads — one who serves in the Air Force, one who is successful in the insurance industry in Connecticut and another who owns a business in Alexander City. 

Ponder joined the OnGuard™ team because he saw the critical need in the local market for thorough moisture control inspections backed by the OnGuard™ Guarantee.

A Crucial Need in Lee and Tallapoosa Counties

East Alabama’s very high humidity leads to moisture problems in all areas of homes in the region. East Alabama homes need thorough moisture control inspections on regular schedules to catch problems created by the wet climate early.

Crawl spaces moisture issues present the biggest risk to homeowners in East Alabama. Lots of area homes have crawl spaces that are below grade, meaning they’re prone to having moisture control issues in the crawl space. 

Homeowners in Lee and Tallapoosa counties also likely have vapor barrier issues. In his many years of mold remediation work, Ponder says he has never seen a home with proper vapor barriers. Vapor barriers should cover the bare ground under a home to prevent moisture from wicking up through the soil. Without proper protection, a home can get several gallons of water transferring through every day.

Exterior caulk fails often in East Alabama. Extreme swings in temperature lead to caulk expansion, contraction and eventually failure. The cracks and gaps that form in the caulk allow for moisture intrusion into the walls of your home. Because of this, east Alabama homes need regular moisture inspections. The OnGuard 199-Point Inspection helps ensure a low-cost of homeownership so that you don’t get surprised with big bills down the road.

Another common problem in Lee and Tallapoosa counties is slow, easy-to-miss leaks. Your homeowner’s insurance only covers “sudden & accidental” claims. It will not cover maintenance issues that can easily go unnoticed over months or even years. You need an expert who is certified to inspect for moisture, and one who won’t tear your house apart doing it. A NORMI Certified Moisture Control Inspector has the right training, knowledge and experience to find moisture problems and will give you ongoing tips for avoiding issues in the future. OnGuard is all about a lower cost of homeownership while helping you keep the value of your property high!

Protecting Lake Martin Homes

In the Lake Martin area, homeowners often have property that they only use occasionally. Vacation homes wind up with mold problems much more often than homes with regular occupants.  

Owners of vacation homes fall into destructive patterns, and they don’t even know it. Often, they arrive on Friday, crank the A/C all weekend, and turn everything off when they leave on Sunday. Rapid swings in temperature lead to condensation all over the home, as hot air that holds a lot of moisture gets cooled rapidly by the A/C. 

These problems get exacerbated by vacancy because no one is there to notice the issues. Homes that sit empty can have cascading problems if they aren’t properly inspected. 

That’s why Mold Protection Experts LLC places emphasis on Lake Martin vacation homes. Families invest a lot into these properties, and they need a team to protect that value.

Experienced Professionals

With years in the industry, Mold Protection Experts LLC’s team knows the value of regular mold inspections. That’s why they’ve signed on to become OnGuard™ Authorized Dealers; it’s the best way to protect their clients’ homes.

The OnGuard™ Guarantee offers even homeowners who have never had a mold problem before a ton of value. But anyone who has seen remediation work will see the value immediately. For most homeowners, mold remediation work is out of pocket because their homeowners’ insurance isn’t structured to cover it. Paying a little bit a month is better than paying thousands because an issue didn’t get addressed. 

Home inspectors in the area may lack the training that Mold Protection Experts LLC has. With the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI) certification, OnGuard™’s team in Lee and Tallapoosa counties will catch things that regular home inspectors might mislabel or miss completely. 

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