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Steven Hergott owns Inspired Indoor Air, the exclusive OnGuard® Authorized Dealership for Essex County, Massachusetts. Hergott brings his decades of HVAC and indoor air expertise to the OnGuard® team. In fact, he literally wrote the book on indoor air quality, “Healthy Harmless Home – Taking Care of Your Family’s Health by Taking Care of the Place You Live in.”

A fixture of the community, Hergott is a past member of the Chambers of Commerce and Rotary Club who loves the outdoors and hiked every 4,000-foot peak in New Hampshire. He has lived in and around Boston’s North Shore area since the 1970s. In that time, Hergott has seen how living with poor air quality can affect the health of homeowners. That’s why he signed on to the OnGuard® System.

The OnGuard® 199-Point Inspection leads directly to the $100,000 OnGuard® Protection Guarantee, so now Inspired Indoor Air can back up its decades of work catching moisture intrusion before it starts through the work of the OnGuard® Affiliated Contractor network. And once the homeowner joins the program, they get the OnGuard® Property History Report to show future owners that everything was done correctly.

A Crucial Need in Essex County

Boston North faces heavy rains and high tides that can push the rivers in the North Shore up to the homes. Flooding in a home can damage the HVAC system, a vital part of the moisture control system. Or it can leave moisture in a home in places the homeowner wouldn’t see. In these cases, the best way to protect is the yearly OnGuard® 199-Point Inspection. The Inspired Indoor Air team will catch issues in the inspection that would otherwise become crises.

Essex County residents also have to contend with Nor’easters, which roll in with high rains, snow and wind and may knock out the power. No power means all the Metro North basements that rely on sump pumps to stay dry no longer have their main moisture control protection. If you find yourself suddenly underwater, you’ll want to tap into the OnGuard® Affiliated Contractor network. The network can help you make repairs quickly and ensure that you’re protected up to the OnGuard® standard.

Boston North’s humidity often spikes high in the summer and crashes low in the winter, each of which may create problems. In winter, homeowners need to run humidifiers to create a tolerable living space, and humidifiers leak often. In summer, improperly ventilated spaces like crawlspaces, basements and attics lead to moisture intrusion that can foster mold growth or rot wood. If you are unsure about your basements and attics, you can get peace of mind with the $100,000 OnGuard® Guarantee from Inspired Indoor Air.

Protecting Essex County Homes

One of the distinguishing features of Essex County is its older homes. Houses in the area can vary from modern to up to 300 years old! Older homes mean outdated construction methods that don’t incorporate the latest expertise in moisture control. Many homes have unfinished basements and some even have dirt floors. Water can easily seep into these basements and crawlspaces like them. That’s why owners of older homes need an OnGuard® Authorized Dealer on their side protecting their property.

Another home-building trend in Essex County that puts homeowners at less risk of water damage or mold growth: foam-insulated attics. Builders in the past only insulated attic floors and ventilated it to create dramatic temperature fluctuations that could lead to moisture problems. But lately, contractors have been using foam insulation on the roofs and ditching the ventilation creating a conditioned attic space. With the OnGuard® 199-Point Inspection, you can rest easy knowing that a part of the house you don’t think much about, the attic, won’t turn into a water nightmare.

Experienced Moisture Control Professionals

In his 40 years as a home services pro, Steven Hergott has learned a lot about how moisture can wreak havoc on a home. His main goal in business is to pass that knowledge on to homeowners. Hergott doggedly pursues the sources of mold growth and water damage in homes in his drive to get to the bottom of the issues.

Essex County homeowners can contact Inspired Indoor Air to schedule an OnGuard® 199-Point Inspection, start their OnGuard® Property History Report, and get coverage from the $100,000 OnGuard® Guarantee.

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