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Inspections Guaranteed, LLC is the exclusive OnGuard® Authorized Dealer for Montgomery County, Maryland; Worcester County, Maryland; and Sussex County, Delaware. Co-founders Patrick O’Donnell and Pete Pantazopoulos have lived and breathed in Montgomery County for over three decades. Friends, families, and small businesses alike make up their community customer base. These relationships have been built on trust, honesty, and giving back to the community. Inspections Guaranteed’s vision is to continue to support the people of Montgomery County and the Delmarva area.

Inspections Guaranteed understands that many in D.C. metro area and Delmarva are too busy, unable to work on their own homes and want to avoid unexpected, expensive repairs that they have to correct immediately. Inspections Guaranteed loves protecting property owners from unforeseen complications with moisture and mold damage and preventing major losses to their home or place of business.

To best protect homeowners, the Inspections Guaranteed team offers the OnGuard® 199-Point Inspection. It catches moisture intrusion problems before they become full-blown catastrophes. When OnGuard® Members pass inspection, they’re covered by the $100,000 OnGuard® Protection Guarantee. When the inspection finds serious issues, Inspection Guaranteed can connect them with an OnGuard® Affiliated Contractor who can get the home up to standard. All work is recorded in the OnGuard® Property History Report, an ongoing maintenance ledger that the homeowner has at their fingertips.

A Crucial Need in Montgomery County & Delmarva

Montgomery County, a suburb of the Washington D.C. area, experiences Mother Nature at her best. Residents get all four seasons, and with that comes a few water protection issues.

Ice damming and broken pipes pose a threat in the winter, along with backed-up gutters in the fall. Anytime water intrudes into a home, remaining moisture gives mold a foothold that it can use to spread throughout your house. When you find yourself with water everywhere, you want to know it got remediated the right way, it pays to be connected to the OnGuard® Affiliated Contractor network.

Heavy rainfall and high humidity in the spring and summer can leave you vulnerable in places you might not expect. Places like crawl spaces and attics create space for unconditioned air from the outside to mingle with conditioned air from your home, creating condensation that you don’t see until it’s a bigger problem.

In the beach counties of Worcester, Maryland, and Sussex, Delaware, homes face a different form of moisture intrusion. The ocean and bay bring saltwater in the mix, and the higher winds test the exteriors of homes, driving moisture against them year-round. If the areas of the home that need to be sealed aren’t sealed properly, this wind-driven moisture will find its way in and foster potential mold growth.

Luckily for OnGuard® Members, the OnGuard® 199-Point Inspection catches critical humidity and temperature differentials that can create condensation.

Protecting Montgomery County & Delmarva Homes

Many of the homes in the DMV have in-ground basements where moisture infiltrates. Typically, homeowners will notice the wet basement walls or a musty odor down there. If that’s the case, it’s likely caused by poor grading of the landscape around the home, leading to water building up next to the porous basement walls and seeping through. When you remediate to solve your wet basement problem, you want to prove to the next buyer that the job was done right. That’s when the OnGuard® Property History Report really comes in handy.

Maryland homeowners have been striving to keep their energy costs and carbon footprints low, but that comes with a tradeoff. As homes have become more closed-off to the outside world to reduce energy costs, we’ve seen mold take off. Why? Because closing the home means improper ventilation. That leads to potential mold growth.

In the Delmarva beach areas, homes typically come with crawl spaces, moisture’s best friend. Water from the wet soil invades crawl spaces, and mold multiplies unseen by homeowners. About half the air in a home’s first floor circulates through these crawl spaces, making them critical areas for regular inspections.

These problems are tough to catch, but with Inspections Guaranteed’s expert inspection (given by technicians trained by the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors), you’ll be covered by the $100,000 OnGuard® Protection Guarantee.

Experienced Moisture Control Professionals

According to a survey of home inspectors, about 60% of homes have existing moisture issues. That’s what the Inspections Guaranteed team has set out to combat. The co-founders of Inspections Guaranteed are well-positioned in the industry, with over 65 years of combined experience of reactively responding to residential and commercial property owners, facing damages caused by moisture and water. With thousands of successful projects under their belt, Inspections Guaranteed is positioned to be the perfect choice for friends and family referrals.

Through early identification, repair costs are substantially reduced and the property remains in tip-top conditions. That’s Inspections Guaranteed’s vision for its OnGuard® Members.

Contact the team at Inspections Guaranteed, LLC today to complete your home’s protection.

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