OnGuard® CleanCheck


We all want to return to the care-free feeling of frequenting our favorite restaurants, bars, gyms, salons, offices, stores, and other public spaces.

OnGuard® helps businesses establish and maintain healthy levels of cleanliness that you can feel confident about.

When you see a business displaying OnGuard® CleanCheck at the front door and throughout the business, you can be confident that an OnGuard® Certified Firm is consistently screening all areas of the facility to help protect customers, staff, and the community.


How Do We Do It?

We work on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis with our local partners.

  • Each day, every surface of the facility is cleaned with the safest “minimum risk” product on the market.
  • Each week, the facility gets a deep clean and antimicrobial treatment — top to bottom.
  • Each month, the local OnGuard® Certified Firm screens countertops, floors, walls, fixtures, door handles, and other touchpoints for levels of cleanliness.

This approach allows us to help businesses continue to maintain and improve their cleaning and sanitizing procedures. After all, every business is different, and a hands-on approach is the only way to customize a program for every building.


What CleanCheck Businesses Do

Deep Cleaning

Participating businesses are deep cleaned once a week with a safe hydrogen peroxide-based product engineered to identify any organic surface contamination by foaming on contact so that nothing gets missed. Instead of using a common wipe-down approach to cleaning, we use extraction for complete contaminate removal.

Antimicrobial Treatment

After the Deep Cleaning, an antimicrobial is applied to all surfaces to help keep surfaces as clean as possible between cleanings. Since our approach is not only “effectiveness centered” but also “safety centered,” this product also meets the EPA’s guidelines as a “minimum risk” product.

Daily Cleaning

In addition to the weekly routine, professionally trained employees of the OnGuard® CleanCheck business clean every surface on a daily basis and between uses to avoid cross-contamination.

Good Hygiene

For your convenience, hand sanitizer dispensers are placed throughout every OnGuard® CleanCheck business.

Indoor Air Quality

OnGuard® CleanCheck businesses also pay attention to the quality of the air within the building, using an air purification probe installed directly into the air handling system.


Regularly, the local OnGuard® Certified Firm third-party screens the CleanCheck business for its levels of cleanliness. This is mandatory for the maintenance of the business’ NORMI Certificate of Sanitization as a continuous and unbiased confirmation of cleanliness.
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