OnGuard® CleanCheck
for Businesses


Your customers want to know that the businesses that they love to frequent care about their health and safety.

CleanCheck is the service that not only tells your patrons that you follow standardized cleaning and hygiene practices but that your facility undergoes consistent screening to uphold those standards.

We take a practical and affordable approach to helping you establish and maintain a clean facility. It’s as simple as this. We provide the training. You do the cleaning. The Certified Firm provides the luminometer screening and permanent storage of electronic documentation.


CleanCheck Takes the Guesswork Out of Cleaning & Screening By Providing:

  • Online, 24/7 staff training and certification
  • Free delivery of the products to clean your facility and maintain appropriate interpersonal hygiene
  • Set up of onsite and digital messaging
  • Monthly Certified Firm screening
  • A whole-facility Certificate of Sanitization from NORMI

What CleanCheck Firms Provide

Professional Services to Compliment Your Efforts 

You might not want to tackle the deep cleaning or antimicrobial treatments for your facility. If that’s the case, our Certified Firms are NORMI trained and certified as well as insured to tackle your needs.

Effective Products

Safety is a hallmark of CleanCheck. Your program includes the cleaners and antimicrobial products that meet the EPA’s “minimum risk” guidelines, so that safety is never in question.


Let the public know that your facility is clean and open for business with OnGuard’s signage and handouts.

Site Screening

Every month, your Certified Firm will take ATP samples to help you maintain levels-of-cleanliness within your facility. This measurable, scientifically proven, and objective criteria ensures that your facility continues to meet NORMI’s Certificate of Sanitization standards.

The OnGuard® CleanCheck Process

CleanCheck is a daily, weekly, and monthly system.

  • Each day, all touchpoints are cleaned within the facility using the safest “minimum risk” products on the market.
  • Each week, the facility gets a deep clean and antimicrobial treatment — top to bottom.
  • Each month your local OnGuard® Certified Firm screens the facility for levels of cleanliness, and the results are deposited into your history report.

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