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Would your home services business benefit from dependable, recurring revenue? We’re helping businesses in home inspection, pest control, restoration, and mold remediation connect with a system for sustainable growth.

Protect your home and get true peace of mind with the OnGuard guarantee

As an OnGuard® Certified Firm, you’ll be able to offer:

  • Proprietary, annual moisture inspections of the whole home
  • Annual record of the home via the OnGuard® Property History Report, similar to a vehicle history report for the home
  • A real, transferrable $100,000 guarantee against costly mold & moisture damage

Becoming an Onguard® Certified Firm Will Help You:

Protect your investment with an OnGuard Warranty.

Close More Sales

As an OnGuard® Certified Firm, you’ll offer an exclusive gaurantee that gives value to the client above and beyond your current service.

With an expanded suite of services, you’ll be able to differentiate yourself from your competition. OnGuard® offers Certified Firms training to add new skills that will pay off for years.

Close Sales with Higher Ticket Averages

With the OnGuard® $100,000 Protection Guarantee, you won’t just close more sales, you’ll close sales with higher ticket averages.

Because your work on the 199-Point Inspection will be backed by a reputable third-party insurer, you can leverage that reputational boost to quote higher rates.

For firms like pest control companies who already have recurring revenue programs, this adds a product that you can upsell your clients on, increasing your ticket averages.

Your OnGuard Dealer will keep your home protected
home inspection with AC unit in background

Get More Recurring Revenue

Are you a home inspector or mold remediator who wants steadier business and repeat customers? You don’t have to wait for the phone to ring. Becoming an OnGuard® Certified Firm will turn your one-time customers into a call-back a year later.

If you’re a remediator, the potential for recurring revenue increases, as you’ll be the Contractor of Record on any home where you perform work. If more work is needed later, you’re the first firm to get a call.

Now you can put your client list to good use. Solicit old clients with a brand new product that will pay off year after year!

Fill Slow Times with Revenue-Generating Work for your Staff

By becoming an OnGuard® Certified Firm, you connect with your county’s OnGuard® Authorized Dealer. They’ll have opportunities for you to pick up when business is slow.

Being a Certified Firm is a natural precursor to becoming an OnGuard® Affiliated Contractor and getting named the Contractor of Record on repairs and maintenance. OnGuard® can make your phone ring.


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The OnGuard® program is endorsed by the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI) and backed by an A+ rated environmental underwriter. That underwriter provides OnGuard® Members a $100,000 Protection Guarantee that is not tied to the cash flow of your business.

If your business could benefit from some or all of these, reach out to us for a more in-depth conversation. OnGuard® Certified Firms enjoy in-person training, valuable industry certification(s), and an add-on service to your existing business that builds value and offers peace of mind to your customer base.

Get more information by filling out the form below or by calling our development team at (844) 610-4967 today.

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Do you want to become an OnGuard® Certified Firm? It could become the backbone of your business and lead to recurring revenue, a real game-changer.

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