Completing construction and selling your project shouldn’t come with a side of profit loss and liability.
In discussions with builders around the country, the primary reason for warranty issues following the sale of a property seems to be linked to the greater dependence on sub-contractors and the inability to inspect the quality of work consistently.

To reverse this trend, your OnGuard Pro will structure a simple four step process with you to understand:

  • Construction Plans & Materials
  • Areas Prone to Dewpoint Cycling, Condensation & Structural Moisture Content Increases
  • Engineered Moisture Controls & Deployment
  • OnGuard Guarantee Inspection Sign-offs


The result of planning and working with your OnGuard Pro will be a project that:

  • Preserves your profit margin (by limiting your moisture related warranty issues)
  • Mitigates your liability exposure (through the OnGuard Guarantee transfer)
  • Differentiates you from competition
  • Adds profit to your bottom line (through our affiliate program)

Learn more about affiliating with your local OnGuard Pro for increased profits and reduced liability and sign up to learn more about the “beta builder program” and to be first to your market in 2019.

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