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Moisture problems don’t usually start as big issues.

Moisture issues usually begin as the caulking that you postponed to another day (that never comes) or the saturated brick or stonework that begins to grow moss on it (that’s eroding the mortar joints) or even the attic that’s hot and humid and that you have good intentions to ventilate. We’ve all been there.

We’re all busy. And when we’re not busy, we’d rather be spending quality time with our friends and family than doing chores. It’s for all of these reasons and more that we started the OnGuard Pro network. We have a passion for helping property owners maintain their homes and businesses so that they can focus on the most valuable things in life.

With our origin as a manufacturing company, we’ve had the opportunity to get to know and work with the most qualified and conscientious contracting companies in the United States. In fact, piece by piece, we’ve been unknowingly designing the OnGuard Pro network since 2006. 

We always wanted a pathway to a truly valuable warranty program but we had to build the relationships in the insurance industry to make it a reality. We always wanted to help property owners establish greater value in their asset, but it took a lot of work, contemplation and testing to figure out the OnGuard Property History Report™. Nothing happens overnight and while we might seem “new”, you just didn’t see the years of meetings, flights and early breakfasts happening all over the country.

But we’re here now and we’re excited to be your resource that prevents large and expensive problems from damaging your home and business. OnGuard Pro’s are your peace-of-mind and we’re grateful and humbled to be in a position to introduce you to them.