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Shield Your Property from Moisture Damage
through Early Detection.

Our OnGuard® Protection Guarantee protects your home from hidden moisture damage, the most insidious long-term damage that every homeowner faces. In fact, a recent survey of home inspectors reported that over 60% of all existing structures have some type of moisture-related damage. The annual OnGuard® 199-Point Inspection process helps you avoid preventable damage and safeguards your property’s value. Your home could harbor neglectful or improper building practices that lead to moisture issues, and you would have no way of knowing without OnGuard®.

Don’t be surprised by a huge bill! Don’t discover festering moisture problems only when it’s time to sell your home. You can find a local Certified Firm who can offer the complete OnGuard® 199-Point Inspection, OnGuard® Protection Guarantee, and OnGuard® Property History Report. Get started today!

Protect Your Family's Investment with the OnGuard Guarantee

Find a Pro

Find an OnGuard® Certified Firm in your area who can perform our OnGuard® 199-Point Inspection and give you the OnGuard® Protection Guarantee.


Get the Report

Begin building an OnGuard® Property History Report, which shows future insurers and buyers all your maintenance, improvements, inspections and other documents.

Ask for the Guarantee

The $100,000 OnGuard® Protection Guarantee is transferable and insurance-backed by an A+ rated environmental underwriter.

Fear Hidden Damages?

Congratulations on being a homeowner! You’ve put a huge amount of money and time into your property, and you want to know that value isn’t going to go to waste. But how? You’re not a contractor. You may not be familiar with the structure and the systems of a building or its maintenance requirements to minimize the total cost of ownership. Moreover, you don’t know what potential moisture problems look like or precisely what kind of damage your homeowner’s insurance covers.

Over the years, changes to the structure and mechanical systems can throw the building out of balance. When this occurs, the most outcome is a moisture issue. Whether from condensing moisture in unconditioned areas, slow leaks in water supply lines or failing caulk or mortar joints, moisture problems are the #1 problem in every building.

How can you protect your home and property value? How do you avoid damaging moisture issues that might not be covered by insurance or mold problems that can hinder you from future sales?


The OnGuard® Protection Guarantee

OnGuard® and its Certified Firms are here to identify moisture problems before they start.

All of our Certified Firms are backed by an A+ rated environmental insurance carrier, one of the top 3 in the U.S. Each Certified Firm is certified by the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors to offer the OnGuard® 199-Point Inspection, OnGuard® Protection Guarantee, OnGuard® Property History Report.

Backing them up is a team of experts from all aspects of home health: moisture control, insurance, mold remediation, and chemical management. Our team has spent 10 years developing a plan to identify low-cost steps to keep your property trouble-free.

More than Just a Moisture Inspection

Step 1

Find an OnGuard® Certified Firm near you who’s been trained to inspect your home top-to-bottom, inside and out using our 199-Point Inspection.

Step 2

Schedule an inspection with your OnGuard® Certified Firm who will create a plan for ongoing yearly inspections. If a problem develops that wasn’t caught by the inspections, you’ll be covered by the OnGuard Protection Guarantee*.

Step 3

Begin using your OnGuard® Property History Report. Your OnGuard® Certified Firm will upload each years 199-Point Inspection to your Property History Report; and between inspections, you can use it to keep track of pest inspections, home improvements, receipts and every other item that may add value to your property when it’s time to sell.

Step 4

Keep your OnGuard® Property History Report up to date. It’s proof to any future buyer that your home or property has been cared for properly. You’ll have online access whenever you want!

Step 5

Transfer your OnGuard® Membership when it’s time to sell in two easy steps.

*If visible mold ever appears in the inspected areas, it will be independently assessed and will be repaired to a limit of $100,000.

Rest Easy.

We’re Always OnGuard.

With your new best friend in moisture control on the lookout, you can let go of all that anxiety about hidden moisture. Your OnGuard® Certified Firm is on the case, armed with our certification process and the OnGuard® 199-Point Inspection.

With the OnGuard® Guarantee, you don’t have to worry about disasters that fall into the gaps in your homeowner’s insurance.

Plus, you have OnGuard’s Property History Report, which means you can easily disclose whatever work has been done to the home to any future buyer. They’re more confident because they know more about the home’s maintenance, regular inspections, service records, warranties, and improvements. That higher confidence means less trouble in negotiations for you.

So stop worrying and find an OnGuard® Certified Firm in your area today.


Are You an Insurance Agent?

We love to partner with insurers! Our Insurer Affiliate Program can complement your coverage, giving you a unique selling point and a new profit center. More importantly, you expand your information about the properties you insure.

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